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We recognize that each person is unique in their health needs.  Our approach is different.   We focus on four key pillars of health: balancing hormones, restoring gut health, removing toxins, and adjusting lifestyle factors.  Offering personalized wellness plans based on detailed histories and comprehensive lab testing.  Our goal is to empower you to take control of your health and achieve optimal wellness. 

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Signs Your Hormones Are Unbalanced


These are just a few of the common symptoms we often see. You may experience more than one or even some that aren’t listed.

Jackie McDonald

Jackie McDonald

Jackie is the principle owner of Modern Health, LLC. Her interest in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and functional medicine started when she could not get answers from others in her industry. In her mid 40s, she suffered from being extremely tired finding it difficult to stay awake, stay focused and motivated. It wasn’t until she was introduced to functional medicine where she began to find the answers. By detoxing, restoring her gut health and balancing her hormones she was able to improve her symptoms. It is her passion to help others who are interested in finding the root cause of their symptoms.

Prior to finding her passion for functional medicine she worked as a nurse practitioner at St. Dominic’s. Gynecologic oncology was her specialty for twelve years, treating patients diagnosed with ovarian, uterine, vaginal and cervical cancer. As a doctorate of nursing practice student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham she focused on hereditary cancer mutations research while also completing the City of Hope’s Cancer Screening and Prevention Program in Duarte, California. Learning that genetics is only a small fraction of what determines our health she set her sights on learning more about prevention. She completed a fellowship with A4M and became certified with the Institute of Functional Medicine and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Training Academy.

Her collaborating physician is Michael Sanders, MD.

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